We support the following AT&T Nokia Lumia models for IMEI unlocking. Please be sure that you submit the IMEI for one of these models. Incorrect IMEIs and unsupported model unlock requests are NON-REFUNDABLE!  Approximate processing time for this model is 3-10 business days. When your code has been generated we will email you.

  • 520
  • 820
  • 900
  • 920
  • 1020
  • 1520

If you do not see your phones model number in the list above you can contact us here for pricing and availability.

Your IMEI can be found by entering *#06# from the phones dialer screen. You can also select settings, then scroll down and select “about.” From this screen you will see a rectangle with the label “More Info.” Click here and your phones IMEI will be displayed. Each phone has a unique IMEI and this number must be entered exactly as it is displayed. Please double and triple check the values before you submit your request. Any errors with the model number or IMEI can result in an incorrect unlock code. Once the code is generated we are absolutely unable to refund your fees unless the error was on our end. Again, please be sure that the information you submit is correct.

Once your Lumia unlock code is generated we will contact you by email. From this point simple follow the directions in the video below the checkout form and your Nokia will be permanently unlocked for use with any GSM carrier worldwide.


AT&T Nokia Lumia Unlock $55

Enter your phones IMEI
Model number



In the highly unlikely event that code you receive does not work DO NOT continue attempting to enter it into the phone! We require video proof that you have been provided with an incorrect code in order to issue a refund. The Lumia starts with ten unlock code attempts. Once they have been exhausted your phone will be hard locked to the carrier permanently.

We do not currently support the Nokia 1520 for unlocking. As soon as we are able to perform this service we will update the page to reflect current pricing.