Galaxy Lens Replacement

We offer several options for replacing the screen on your Galaxy series phone or phablet.

Samsung Galaxy lens only replacement with LOCA glue.

Shown in the video below, this is a repair that we perform for those who have broken only the glass on the outside of their phone but still have a functional digitizer and display. First we use a special heating plate which allows us to remove the old lens without breaking the AMOLED. Next we carefully clean and prepare the surface for a new lens using a high quality transparent glue which coats the entire surface of the digitizer allowing us to install a new lens. After the lens is in place we use an ultra violet light to cure the glue so that the bond becomes permanent. The accuracy of this repair is so high that you will have a hard time telling it from a new screen. In fact, most people won’t see any difference. We recommend that you do not try this at home as damaging the AMOLED is easy to do and adds significantly to the cost of your repair.



Complete OEM AMOLED Galaxy display replacement.

This repair includes installation of a factory assembled replacement using an original AMOLED from Samsung. While being the most expensive option it is also the closest thing that there is to a brand new phone. If your AMOLED is broken then it is also the only option.

Adhesive only lens replacement.

This is our lowest cost option for anyone who need just the glass replaced on their phone. Instead of LOCA glue we install a new lens using adhesive around the edges. This is the repair that you will often see advertised by people who want to “lowball” repair prices. It is noticeably different than a proper LOCA glue repair but it will get you by for a while if saving money is your most important concern. Adhesive only lens repairs are prone to dust accumulation between the lens and digitizer. It is also possible that the touch screen may sometimes fail to respond although this can usually be corrected by turning the screen off and back on.

Current prices for these repairs can be found here.