MD Wireless is proud to announce that we now offer iPad repair

If you have an iPad with a cracked screen we can help. We now offer iPad repair for broken touchscreens, LCDs, power buttons and more. For a full listing of our tablet repairs and prices see this page.

ipad repair

The iPad is an amazing innovative device that has given rise to a new line of portable electronics, the tablet computer. While they are powerful they can also be very fragile. Lens and LCD replacement are the two most common iPad repairs that we perform. Although scratch resistant the lens or touchscreen is in fact made of glass. Besides being susceptible to shattering its touchscreen the iPad also has a tendency to get dented on its corners due to its lightweight aluminum frame.

Besides the replacement of broken lenses and LCDs our iPad repair service also include:

  • Liquid damage recovery
  • Charging port replacement
  • New home button installation
  • Many more repairs which require the replacement of modular components

Hopefully you won’t break your iPad but if you do just contact us and we will be happy to get your tablet up and running again.

If you’ve had an accident with your iPad that resulted in a cracked lens it is a good idea to get it repaired as soon as possible.  IPads contain components that are sensitive to moisture, dust and other foreign debris. In addition to the risk of exposing these expensive components to particles of dirt and water your iPad also becomes sensitive to pressure caused by touching the glass screen. Even a small amount of pressure can cause your LCD to become damaged resulting in a more expensive repair.

It is also possible for small pieces of glass to get stuck in your fingers if you continue to use your tablet while the screen is cracked. If you can’t get your device to us immediately and need to continue using it we recommend taking the following steps.

  • Install a lens protector or transparent tape. This will help seal out moisture as well as preventing glass from getting stuck in your fingers.
  • Get a sturdy case- If you don’t already one now would be a good time to invest in protection for your device.
  • Keep your iPad away from moisture including steam- Water is bad for electronics.
  • Do not push on your screen- The iPad lens senses heat and not pressure so be gentle.

In most cases we will be able to repair your iPad within twenty four hours. If you are not able to bring it to us in person we do offer mail in repair service. For more information give us a call at (925) 687-7000

Besides iPad repair we also offer touchscreen replacement for the iPod Touch 2nd, 3rd and fourth generation.

IPad repair is quickly becoming one of our more popular services

The most common problem that people run into is a broken iPad screen. When we say screen we use the term loosely as most of the time when someone describes this damage what they are really referring to is the lens and digitizer. Like the old 3G and 3GS iPhones the iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad or 3 have a glass front with a digitizer attached to it on the underside. This digitizer makes it possible for your tablet to sense when you are touching it. When you break the glass on the front of your iPad you must also replace the digitizer. This is the reason that despite a lot of cracks, your touchscreen may continue to work. Despite this you should seriously consider getting your iPad fixed as soon as possible.

IPad screen repair can prevent further damage

Depending on how severe the break or cracks are it may be easy to break additional components. One problem with a broken iPad screen is that it can often cause pressure to be concentrated on the LCD. This sensitive display is normally protected by the outer glass of your iPad. When it develops a crack any pressure applied to the screen will not only transfer but also be concentrated on one part of the LCD. This makes it easy to scratch or even break the LCD incurring a higher repair cost. Besides this problem cracks may offer a port of entry for moisture which is another thing that most electronic devices are very sensitive to.

No matter how careful you are it is very easy do damage your iPad screen

All things considered your iPad is a very durable piece of machinery. The tempered glass used on the front is surprisingly strong. At the same time a single impact in the right area can lead to very disappointing events. We recommend investing in a durable case especially for people who are prone to accidents. Give us a call if you’d like to know more about iPad screen repair.