Video Game Console Repair and Mods


We fix game consoles too! If you have an XBox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, or other video game system that is not working properly give us a call.

M D Wireless can fix the following:

  • Broken HDMI port
  • Damaged USB-C charging port
  • Disc tray won't eject/close


Playstation HDMI Port Replacement

This is one of our most common repairs. If you can power on your console but there is no image on the TV screen chances are that either your HDMI cable is damage or worse yet the port on your PS4 has been damaged. In some cases the component that sends a video signal to your monitor may be defective but no worries. We can fix that too.

Nintendo Switch USB-C Port Replacement

This is another one that we see quite often. You can usually tell by looking inside of the port for physical damage but not all of the time. If your Switch won't charge, only charges with the cable connected in on direction, or you have no video output then it may be time for a new charge pot. We can also replace the charging IC and HDMI output chip which have both also been known to fail over time.


XBox One HDMI Port Replacement

Microsoft did a good job with this game console generally speaking. Once in a while though you might end up with a video signal issue. This is usually caused by either a damaged cable, port, or in some cases the video retimer chip. Whatever the case our professionals can get you back in the game with the right fix!