Cell Phone Repair School

We now offer a four-day phone and tablet repair training course that covers  the skills and information that you need to become a qualified repair technician. Beyond that, we give you an introduction to what it’s like to run an electronics repair business.

Got questions about the phone repair business? See the video further down on this page.

Learning the technical aspect of phone repair is one thing. Understanding how the business works is something that you won’t learn just by sitting in a classroom. We want our students to experience our day to day operations and understand how to interact with customers as well as learning to diagnose and repair phones that are popular in the repair industry. Working with current device models at a real phone repair facility will help you be prepared.

Learn first hand and focus on devices within the last two years, phones that will make you money!

Don’t invest a large amount of your time learning about phones that you might see once a year and probably forget how to repair it when it comes in.

There is nothing better than the true repair experience.

Upcoming course schedule. Please note that registration and payment are due ten days in advance.

DateTimeLocationSeats Available
November 14th-17th10am-6pm1200 Contra Costa Blvd. Pleasant Hill, CA 945233
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Be a part of this exiting trend. Sign up for cell phone repair school and kick start your career!

Opportunities within the wireless repair business are a direct reaction to rapid advances in wireless telecommunication technology. Now is the time to study and master the skills associated with cell phone repair and establish yourself as an expert in this increasingly sought after position in the industry. Cell phone repair school is the perfect way to get started.

Are you ready to become a “Cell phone doctor?” Whether you would like to make some extra cash part time, are ready to start your own wireless repair business, or are simply the do-it-yourself type tired of paying someone else to fix your devices, we can help. Our cell phone repair school offers an intense hands-on course designed to help you learn how to repair virtually any type of cell phone currently on the market. This course continues to evolve as new models are released so that we are always able to prepare you for the current repair market.

One introductory cell phone repair school course focused on the most profitable opportunities available.

  1. Cell phone types- In this section, we will cover different cell phone designs and the technologies used for their operation. This includes different bands and basic operation as well as identifying hardware locations and modularity.
  2. Tools and workplace- We will discuss everything that you will need to have on hand to perform the most common repairs, where to get them and their proper use.
  3. Hardware- Hands on training for basic repairs including the replacement of lenses, LCDs, charging ports, flex cables, modular speakers, microphones, and more.
  4. Bring your broken phone – We encourage you to bring in any project phones that you may have. Time permitting we will use them in class to demonstrate the correct repair procedure.

Upon completion of this basic cell phone repair school program, you will be prepared to diagnose and remedy the most common problems that cell phone owners encounter. Those who implement an effective marketing plan after mastering the techniques taught during their training and will see a rapid return on investment.

iPhone repair training

This section will teach you what you will need to know in order to start diagnosing and repairing  iPhones.

  1. Overview- We will cover the evolution of iPhones including the differences and similarities of those operating on both GSM and CDMA networks. We will address handset identification, the proliferation of LTE technology, and more.
  2. Diagnosis- How to determine why an iPhone is not functioning properly and trace the symptoms to the correct component.
  3. Hardware- From iPhone 6 to 13, this section covers component replacement including lens and LCD, battery, home button, charging port, taptic, etc.
  4. Even more- Is there a specific legacy iPhone that you want to learn about? Chances are that we have one on hand and time is allotted for special requests from our students.

Introduction to microsoldering

Learning how to replace screens, batteries, and other modular components is a great place to start and will be the solution to about 90% of your customers problems. In the future though, you might decide to pursue increasingly advanced repairs that require soldering. While we can’t teach it all in one day you will learn the following.

  1. Soldering concepts- How components are mounted to a printed circuit board.
  2. Hot air- Using a hot air rework station to remove and replace surface mount components.
  3. Flux- The “Where, how and why” of this crucial material.
  4. Liquid damage recovery- What to look for and where to start.
  5. Furthering your education- How to find good information related to your new vocation.
  6. Much more…

Cell phone repair is a reliable business opportunity


Have you ever seen a radio or television advertisement for cell phone repair? Unlikely. Most cell phone repair centers are simply too busy to keep up with their current demands. This means several things.


  1. There is plenty of room for growth in this industry.
  2. Once you become established you will rarely need to advertise.
  3. The skills you learn through our cell phone repair school are in demand!

Consumers are unwilling to give up their cell phones for any reason. Just try going without yours for a few days. What’s more is that while the cost of replacing handsets continues to increase, so does the probability that a cell phone user will choose to fix their old one rather than invest in a new one. Don’t miss out on your chance to get involved in this thriving industry by signing up for our cell phone repair school. Compared to traditional certificate programs cell phone repair school offers a faster and higher rate of return on your investment.


Whether you own a cellular store and want to enhance profits, or if you’re just starting out in the industry, learning cell phone repair will open the door to income opportunities in the cellular market place.


Why choose the MD Wireless cell phone repair school?


Learn from experienced professionals who know more than basic mobile phone repair!

At M D Wireless you will learn from an instructor who has been involved in the cell phone repair industry since 1994. This is no fly-by-night-take-the-money-and-run new store on the block. We have been doing business as MD Wireless Cell Phone Repair in the San Francisco East Bay Area since 2006. When you are ready to take your training to the next level, the MD Wireless cell phone repair school will still be here to assist you.


iPhone Repair


Apple is the world’s biggest individual smart phone manufacturer with over 20 million handsets on the market. Most iPhone users understand that repairing their handset costs a lot less than replacing it. That’s where you come in. After completing the second day of our cell phone repair school course, you will know how to fix the most common types of problems that iPhones have. This will also give you a basic understanding of how internal components work and what to watch out for when performing repairs. Remember that with expensive equipment comes liability. We show you how to avoid potentially expensive mistakes when handling valuable pieces of equipment.


Why is cell phone repair a necessity?


Consider this. What exactly are you planning to say to your customer when his phone breaks but he is not eligible for an upgrade? “I can’t repair it” or “You’ll have to pay full retail price for a replacement” never sounds good to someone who already feels likes they are spending enough money each month for service. Not to mention the fact that in their minds, the value of the phone is what they originally paid for it which was a greatly discounted price. In this situation you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. What’s going to take place next? They will look for another cell phone repair store in their area that can and will repair their device. At this point you have really lost more than one customer to your competition. You have also lost the friends and relatives of your customer since he will do his part to advertise the store that fixed his phone. But what if you could help your customer and increase your revenues at the same time? Now you can! A thorough knowledge of cell phone hardware, software, and repair theory will put you ahead of most cell phone stores. Your cell phone repair school training will pay dividends well into the future.


There’s more to cell phone repair than just replacing a broken LCD or a bad battery.


The M D WIRELESS cell phone repair school will educate you about the most important challenges you will encounter while establishing a cell phone repair business. This makes it possible for us to supply an individual “CASH EARNINGS TRAINING”. Our exclusive mixture of repair education for cell phones, tablets, and customer interaction will give your business a clear advantage over the competition.


What you will learn in one day during the MD Wireless iPhone Repair Training Section


iPhone Repair:


  • Understanding today’s network technologies including GSM, CDMA and LTE.
  • Dis-assembly and re-assembly of various models of iPhones including the iPhone 6 through iPhone 13 series.
  • How to detect liquid damage and resolve minor liquid damage issues through liquid damage recovery procedures.
  • Touch Screen/LCD Replacement
  • Component replacement of charging port, battery, earpiece, taptic engine, flex cables, and cameras.

Just contact us to get more information about the MD Wireless cell phone repair school.


What does it take to become a cell phone repair technician?


We would like to believe that anyone can learn to repair cell phones. However, there are some questions that you should ask yourself before proceeding with your cell phone repair school enrollment. Being honest with yourself about the following should give you an idea of how easy or difficult you might find pursuing this sort of endeavor.


Are you comfortable working with devices that use small parts?

“You guys said small but this is really small!” We hear this remark during every class.


Cell phones are assembled using components and screws which are extremely small. Working on an appliance or motor vehicle is one thing. Working on cell phones requires paying attention to and working with parts that do not allow much margin for error. The components that you will be working with might make computer repair look easy in comparison. If you have ever assembled a scale model car or worked on a gadget that fits in the palm of your hand then you should have an idea of the level of detail that cell phone repair requires. You must have perfect up-close vision. If you require corrective lenses even just for reading they must allow you to see small details very clearly.


Are you detail oriented?


As stated above, cell phones provide little room for error. The more capable you are of observing the “big picture” the easier you will find this vocation to be. During our cell phone repair training course we will be with you every step of the way to insure that you are able to perform basic repairs. Later on, when you expand into different types of handsets this attribute will make your job far easier.


Are you able to be patient?


This is crucial to your success. There is no rushing a cell phone repair unless you plan on doing the entire job again without compensation. We believe in doing things right the first time even if it takes a while longer than those who cut corners and sacrifice quality.


Do you have a steady hand?


This is not a deal breaker but it will make your job a lot easier. We do teach methods for keeping your hand steady but if you have problems working with small screws then this is a concern that should be addressed. A good way to determine whether or not your dexterity will be a challenge is to try threading a needle. If you can accomplish this task without using any special tools then we believe that working with the small parts that you will find in cell phones will not be any more difficult.

What people are saying about MD Wireless Cell Phone Repair School

“I am very impressed with the training that M D Wireless offered me. You taught more than the how to, you taught me the basic principles, and how I can learn and improve my skills. Rather than just give me a fish, you taught me how to catch fish, a skill that I will use for a lifetime. I am also incredibly impressed with your willingness to take the time to accept my calls when I got stuck on a repair project. You were really serious about your promise that I could call you anytime with questions because you were quick to respond and spent the time over the phone with me to help me get through the problems I faced on repair projects. You also helped me get my foot in the door with vendors for repair parts, unlocking phones, and flashing. You are always willing to give advice and answer questions about every aspect of my business, from good accounting methods and competitive pricing to repair management. Well worth the money paid, and recommended for anyone who wants to either start a business or just learn more about cell phone repair.”


Aharon Smith



My phone is constantly ringing for cell phone repair. I have increased my monthly revenue by 15% already.
I just wanted to take the time again to say thank you I am very glad someone like you is out there to train people. The cost of your class is nothing compared to the money I’m making right now. Thanks again so much and Happy Holidays to you and yours.”


Dave Hogue

“Thank you so much Mike for everything this weekend.  I learned a heck of a lot and welcome the opportunity to come up again and get some on the job experience. I really appreciate the time and patience you had with me both days. It was also literally an “eye opening” experience. I started using reading glasses since that day and I find even my computer work is benefiting because I see things on motherboards I had not seen before! Incredible! Thanks for the experience!”

Juan De Leon

“A very special thank you for being so kind! You did so much for me and words are not enough to express my gratitude of all the patience you had given me. You went out of your way to make sure I felt comfortable with training I received. I’ll recommend it to everyone. You were very knowledgeable and honest.
Thanks Again mike.”

z. jabber

Do you still have questions?

If you would like to consult with an instructor about whether or not MD Wireless cell phone repair school is right for you just send an email to mdwirelessph@gmail.com including your hours of availability and phone number. We will schedule a free consultation at a time that is convenient for you. Please let us know how you heard about our cell phone repair school.