M D Wireless Now Provides
Micro Soldering Training

Prerequisite- You should already have experience with phone and tablet disassembly and assembly. That will not be covered during this course.

Are you ready to take your phone repair skills to the next level? This is a logical step forward that will create opportunities where you previously had to either turn a potential customer away, or worse yet, send them to your competitor. We are proud to announce our newest program.



Micro Soldering Repair Training

This course is designed to do a lot of things. Mainly, to help you reach a point where you can identify and pursue projects that make you money! For anyone who is not already familiar with board level repairs here is one of the most valuable lessons that you are likely to learn one way or another: It is ridiculously easy to fall into a trap where you invest way too much time in things that will not make you much if any income. Continued below…

Upcoming course schedule. Please note that registration and payment are due ten days in advance.

DateTimeLocationSeats Available
October 10th- 13th10am-6pm1200 Contra Costa Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
December 12th- 15th10am-6pm1200 Contra Costa Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
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Let me state that once more in big letters just to make sure that anyone skimming this content will see it.

It is easy to fall into a trap where you invest way too much time and/or money in things that will not make you much, if any, income.

We can help you to avoid this.


Practice, practice, practice

Sure every microsoldering job can be a learning experience and some people out there may enjoy taking on any challenge no matter how bad the odds of success are. Once you are in a position to spend hours going down the proverbial “rabbit hole” knock yourself out! For now though we will concentrate on the jobs that are likely to show up at your place of business on a regular basis. The ones that we find to be most profitable and less prone to complications. We don’t mean to say that this is all necessarily easy at first. If it was then you wouldn’t need hands on training. Becoming proficient at board level repair does take practice. You will not leave this training, or any other by the way, as a master of microsoldering. What you will have by the end of our course is the information, resources, and hands on experience that you will take with you on your journey to excellence.


Here is a brief overview of what’s included.


I Introduction to electricity and basic circuitry

II Equipment needed and how to operate it

III Schematics and board view software

IV Multimeter operation

V Using a DC power supply

VI Troubleshooting phones and tablets

VII Removal and replacement of small components

VIII Creating jumper wires

IX Common repairs- iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy series, PS4s, Nintendo Switch

X Where to get equipment and parts


Below are specifically the repairs that we see most often as of today and the ones that we will be covering during this course.



No touch screen function

Charging IC replacement

Gas gauge repair

Back light circuit repair

Tech damage


Samsung Galaxy Phones

Micro USB/USB-C ports

Max charging IC

Power Management IC



Touch and backlight filters, diodes, and coils

Charge port

Digitizer and display connectors


Game consoles


Nintendo Switch


There is a lot of information in this training course. Too much to list here but if you are looking for details here’s more of what we cover.


  • Ratings, values, tolerance, and package sizes
  • No image/backlight
  • Not charging
  • Damaged FPC connectors
  • No boot/incomplete boot
  • Heat and shorted circuits
  • Partial shorts
  • Open lines
  • Shield removal
  • Underfill and overfill
  • Hot air rework

If you have questions about our microsoldering course feel free to contact us by email or phone.